19 Strange Things Every Lazy Person Has Had In Their House Before

If you don’t have “the chair”, are you really human?

1. A chair with a pile of clothes you’re too lazy to put away.

Or it's full of half-dirty/half-clean clothes you're still deciding whether to wash or wear again.

Or it’s full of half-dirty/half-clean clothes you’re still deciding whether to wash or wear again.

2. And a designated side of the bed for all your clothes to live when you need to use said chair.

3. A really old, dirty dish sponge that you just never got around to replacing.

4. A toilet roll with no paper on it that you simply refuse to change.

5. Or one that’s resting on top of the holder because replacing the empty roll is just far too much work.

6. A stockpile of random forks you’ve used over the past month for all your takeout.

7. And a stack of menus from the local places that deliver all that pre-made food to you.

8. An embarrassing amount of half-empty water bottles scattered around your bedroom.

9. And an even worse number of plastic bottles in the backseat of your car.

10. Not to mention the ever-growing pile of parking tickets that you refuse to take off your dashboard in that same car.

11. A sink full of dirty dishes that you swear you’ll clean after they finish ~soaking~.

12. And that one pan you’ve been soaking for two weeks that you might as well just throw out.

13. An annoying pile of crumbs that never seem to leave your bed from all the times you’ve ate in it.

14. And the dirty, streaky mirror in your bedroom that you swore you’d clean but never did.

15. A shower floor full of practically empty shampoo bottles that you’re just too lazy to clear out.

16. A bunch of mismatched bowls and cups you got for free that you can’t be bothered replacing.

17. An overwhelming amount of microwavable meals and two-minute noodle packets.

18. A bin that looks like a game of Jenga that’s gotten out of hand.

19. And, of course, a bin lined with a random plastic bag that’s clearly far too small for it.

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